Recent Developments in the Mattress Industry

With a growing awareness of the value of good sleep, especially in recent years, the mattress sector has separated from furniture and transformed into concept stores, resulting in a new competitive climate. The mattress industry, which prioritizes great sleep, ergonomic and technical products, and various concepts, is always evolving with new inventions.

Companies that have developed and expanded R&D divisions strive to begin the day fresh with ergonomic and orthopedic mattresses that entirely conform to the shape of the body, with an emphasis on designs that reduce body pain caused by the mattress.

In addition to ergonomic mattresses, anti-stress mattresses made of volcanic clay, sand, or seaweed have gained their position among the comfy mattresses commonly seen in stores. With the pandemic, we began to hear the name of mattress and sleep products that provide bacteria protection and have excellent cleanliness in the industry.

The introduction of new items, increased diversity, and more selective consumption have all contributed to a shorter bed change period. The beds, which were previously replaced every ten years, are now replaced every three to four years.

While the global mattress market has grown significantly in recent years, Turkey’s position in the globe has grown dramatically. Today, Turkey is the world’s 11th largest mattress exporter, with a $200 million dollar export, and the 15th largest mattress producer, with an annual production number of 5 to 6 million units.

The concept of digitization also finds a home in the market where new products emerge. Technology will play a larger role in the mattress industry in the future years. Technology-driven production is now visible in all aspects of mattress production, including mattresses and sleep technologies. Esmango Quick, which is among these technical advancements and has a secure and cloud-based system, gives long-term answers to sectoral difficulties by providing privileges that define mattress creation.

A time of production awaits us in which technological tendencies will dominate now and in the near future. During this process, you can look into our Esmango Quick system to stay up to date on technology changes and obtain a competitive advantage in your industry.

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