Minimize Loss with Esmango

 Mattress production encounters many different processes until it is completely ready to be used by customers. This process does not directly start at the factory. It starts from the “recipe creation” stage, which gives the mattresses their original shape and features. When we consider the old methods, creating a recipe is one of the most […]

Why Do You Need Esmango?

There are several processes in the mattress manufacturing industry that seem to be a “accepted problem” for all producers. Despite the fact that each firm has its own distinctive and distinctive items, practically all products go through the same processes, and every company encounters these issues. Learn more about Esmango Quick, which we created to […]

Put End To Confusing Excel Sheets with Esmango Quick!

In today’s industry, it doesn’t matter much which kind of Enterprise Resource Planning or Material Requirements Planning system you use, eventually you need to use an Excel worksheet to organize many things in your company. Because it is an old, reliable and familiar system for most people. Still, generally in most companies there is just […]


Esmango Quick, which is a really strong innovation in the mattress industry, is now available to all mattress manufacturers. With all the features Esmango Quick offers, all manufacturers will handle every stage of the mattress production process much more easily.  Before creating that system, as a digital agency, we experienced lots of problems with the […]

How Mattress Manufacturers Can Benefit From Digital B2B Marketing?

Digital platforms are excellent places to promote your business, from raising brand awareness to gaining new customers and creating customer loyalty. It is nearly impossible to fail if you establish the perfect showcase for your company and perform strategic and planned advertising. So, as a mattress manufacturer, where and how should you invest in digital […]

Did You Know Facts About Mattresses

How about learning some interesting little-known and entertaining mattress facts? Here’s some fascinating mattress information dating back before Christ. In 8 to 10 years, the weight of your mattress might double! This initial piece of information is probably the most horrible thing you can recall. Your mattress deteriorates gradually over time, lowering its resistance to […]

Recent Developments in the Mattress Industry

With a growing awareness of the value of good sleep, especially in recent years, the mattress sector has separated from furniture and transformed into concept stores, resulting in a new competitive climate. The mattress industry, which prioritizes great sleep, ergonomic and technical products, and various concepts, is always evolving with new inventions. Companies that have […]

Mattress Manufacturing and the Environment

At some point, the basis of being a producer is founded on consumption. Some of the materials used in mattress manufacturing are natural. In other words, nature contributes to consumption. At this moment, producing a positive environmental impact by doing more than simply profiting from nature, on which all of our life functions rely, is […]

Hybrid Mattress Technology of the Next Generation

Hybrid technologies are the mix of diverse materials and production techniques that bring advantages in specific areas. Hybrid mattress types are meant to offer the optimal combination for a wonderful sleep by combining the best qualities of several mattress types. Your body; A special sandwich-style construction consisting of mini-packet springs inserted between viscose and precisely […]

What Could Be the Most Challenging Stage in Mattress Manufacturing?

The mattress was regarded as the most essential piece of furniture in many ancient societies; the mattresses, which provide a central gathering area for relaxation and sleep, have become considerably more comfortable over time by obtaining different qualities. The manufacture of mattresses with stabilizing internal springs was arguably the most significant event that launched this […]