Esmango Quick, which is a really strong innovation in the mattress industry, is now available to all mattress manufacturers. With all the features Esmango Quick offers, all manufacturers will handle every stage of the mattress production process much more easily. 

Before creating that system, as a digital agency, we experienced lots of problems with the mattress manufacturing process in every company we have been working with. And in time we notice that every mattress company struggles with the same kind of problems like recalculating prices every time an update on raw materials, confusing and really complex Excel sheets which only 1 person in the company can handle, coordinating problems with departments and therefore wrong producing or more wastage. 

Esmango Quick is a web-based system with a very easy interface to use. Thanks to its web-based feature, any department would be able to control and improve their tasks via their own account from anywhere. For example, when the purchasing department updates the raw material prices, the manufacturing department will be able to see this change already on their own account. And the marketing department would be able to check the latest prices from the system simultaneously.

That coordinated system offers every department time saving and less hassle. Beside all of these, accessing the system from anywhere is a big plus for every department in a mattress company. The manager can control every stage from anywhere, the salesman can have the latest prices from anywhere to create offers for new clients and the purchasing unit can update every price without telling everyone one by one. 

We talked with many mattress manufacturers and marketers during the creation of Esmango Quick. We got their ideas on the system and we tried to solve every problem any mattress company might have. 

Our primary goal is to bring an innovation to mattress producing and leave behind the old school techniques that have been used for long years. It is a digital age and it is time to bring some innovation for next decades!

We would be glad to hear your opinions on our system, contact us via email or directly call us!

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” – William Shakespeare

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