Did You Know Facts About Mattresses

How about learning some interesting little-known and entertaining mattress facts? Here’s some fascinating mattress information dating back before Christ.

In 8 to 10 years, the weight of your mattress might double!

This initial piece of information is probably the most horrible thing you can recall. Your mattress deteriorates gradually over time, lowering its resistance to skin cells, sweat, mites, and dust, and eventually containing all of these. As a result, in ten years it will be less durable, less comfortable, less clean, and twice as heavy!

Water-Filled Mattresses in the 37th Century BC

Surprisingly, the mattress industry has a long history. The Persians built mattresses of goat hide filled with water for royalty in the 37th century BC! People are always looking for a comfy sleeping environment.

A Little Latex, a Steamer, and a Cake Mixer

Did you know that the design of the Latex sponge, which is popular among producers and users, incorporates with steam oven and cake mixer? Yes you read right! 

EA Murphy, a scientist, attempted to create the ultimate lightweight foam out of liquid latex in 1926. However, the bubbles were not properly anchored in the rubber. His wife compelled him to utilize a steam oven and cake mixer, which resulted in the creation of this wonder product.

Latex foam was developed as a raw material for padding, bicycle seats, and, of course, mattresses as a result of this culinary experiment. This natural ingredient is still a fan favorite today.

Ancient Greece’s Folding Functional Mattresses

One of the startling facts about mattresses is that many of the “contemporary” mattress designs we today assume to be “modern” are actually old! The Greeks, like the Persians, desire to be unique when it comes to mattresses. The ancient Greeks, who favored multi-purpose furniture, attempted to create a comfortable resting environment by employing chaise lounge-style folding mattresses.

People appear to have tried for ages to create a comfortable and serene resting environment. However, one of the most intriguing aspects about mattresses is that we observed how simple the origins of modern technology were.

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